Is It Important To Fix Every Roof Leak?

The Importance Of Fixing Roof Leaks

Frequently considered the “fifth facade” – as it was named by the famous architect Le Corbusier – the roof plays an essential role, being “responsible” for protecting the building from weather and ensuring indoor comfort. However, the roof is not infallible and sometimes we have to deal with various issues related to it.


The importance of roof maintenance

As the time passes, a roof undergoes changes at aesthetic and functional levels. A faulty roof system can endanger the entire structure of the building, which is why maintaining the roof should be a priority.


When do we know that the roof needs repairs?

It is not advisable to postpone maintenance and repairs until the last minute, so it would be good to check the condition of your roof system from time to time, to avoid unpleasant and very costly incidents.

Water leaks represent one of the worst problems you can experience. They constitute an emergency, so there is absolutely no good reason to ignore them. Every roof leak must be addressed as soon as it is noticed or suspected, as it will soon aggravate and create other problems:

  • The ceiling and the walls in the upper rooms will deteriorate
  • Moisture in the attic will cause mold, which will affect the air quality and the health of the people in the building
  • Water that infiltrates the roof insulation cancels its efficiency
  • There may also be short circuits in the electrical system, because of infiltrated water coming in contact with cables.


Generally, infiltrations occur either because the roof cover has been damaged or that there have been some design or installation errors. But there are other factors too that may affect the “fifth façade”, such as:

  • Exceeding the lifespan of the materials used in the construction of the roof; in other words, an old roof will certainly need renovation
  • using materials of inferior quality (this happens often when people are on a budget and choose the cheapest solutions, compromising on quality)


Repairing any small leak is mandatory, because it will not fix itself, au contraire: it will get worse by the minute. Even if it does not seem like a big problem at first, fixing it should not be postponed!


First, control the damage inside the building, as soon as possible, then call your insurer and have Dallas roofing services to inspect the damage and help you start the roof repair process.

Check your roof, both on the interior and the exterior. As soon as possible, identify the water leaks and the problems that caused them. Make sure the gutters and downspouts are free of debris and allow the water to drain from the roof and away from the house. Check the coating materials. Ensure that there are no missing or broken shingles and that the water barrier is not exposed in any way. Keep in mind that the point where water infiltrates is not necessarily positioned directly above the area where you identified the water inside the building, as water can “travel”, so you may need to inspect closely a larger portion of the roof.

Do not postpone these operations, regardless the time or season when they occur.